7 Popular Kitchen Design Trends For 2021 You Will Love


Are you looking to update your kitchen? In 2021, there are several trends that are being adopted widely.

Kitchens are one of the most commonly used rooms in the entire house by many homeowners and families. You can spice up your current layout by considering one of these stunning and notable designs.

Renovating your kitchen is not only practical, but it can also add value to your property. If you have plans to sell your house in the future, an updated kitchen will typically increase your final sale price. Don’t skimp out on this renovation when altering the design.

Here are several popular items that homeowners typically upgrade:

  • Countertops
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Backsplash
  • Flooring

Now, let’s review the top kitchen design trends of 2021.

Stunning Kitchen Designs

1.) Compact Design

When working with a smaller space, it is important to consider the layout so that you can utilize every available inch. It does not matter whether the kitchen space is narrow, wide, or broken up – compact designs can fit nearly any mold.

Popularized by tiny homes, a compact kitchen brings a modern and fresh look to your home. The design ensures maximum efficiency and minimal clutter while cooking in this room.

How do you design a compact kitchen? One way is to create a section of cabinets along one wall, leaving other walls open and creating more space.

Tall wall units are preferred as compared to narrow ones to maximize the space you have. You can also include a breakfast bar or kitchen island which provides an additional sitting area.

Many of these items can really help your home sell when the time comes.

2.) Dark Colors

Interior designers are more frequently incorporating dark colors into their kitchen designs. The shift towards darker tones is giving kitchens an entirely new feel in 2021.

They typically pair well with neutral grays and whites that you can find in many modern-style houses.

These colors allow a kitchen design to become extremely adaptable, as the owner can easily offset the darker countertops with light furniture and bright colors. This creates a feeling of sophistication and luxury and also ensures space pops out.

Accent colors with shades of black and dark gray are the most common for kitchens in 2021.

Dark tones and colors are used on surfaces where they are combined with textures of wood to achieve an inviting, rustic, homely charm.

3.) Pendant Lighting

Based on last year, people are spending more and more time at home. To counter that, homeowners have been getting creating with adding light to the interior of their property.

Designers are hanging multiple spotlights and light fixtures in one localized area of the kitchen since it’s one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. 

These lights take different heights and are grouped to create an abstract art piece. This particular style of lighting is unique and artistic.

It gives the kitchen a completely different feel. Tiny homes and unique Airbnb properties also have creative lighting fixtures like these.

4.) Bold Sink Faucets

Faucets are an essential element of the kitchen. Depending on the material – whether it’s gold, silver, brass, or copper – a kitchen’s faucet sets the tone of the room.

From modern to rustic, any theme or style can be embodied by the kitchen sink. Brass industrial taps with unique handles and other interesting features are currently very popular.

Designers are coupling these faucets with similar brass material in the cupboard and drawer grips to achieve a shine across the entire room.

The advancement of technology is even making this trend go a notch higher. Touchless faucets are hygienic and also bring a luxury ambiance to the kitchen.

5.) Concealed Appliances

Despite there being an influx of tech gadgets, homeowners are still embracing the idea of concealment.

Gone are the days when the kitchen used to be a place of clutter. The aesthetics of kitchen appliances and concealment options can be the difference in creating a modern kitchen design.

This trend comes in handy at a time when the open kitchen is being adopted widely. The integration of the kitchen into our living rooms is making them the hearts of our homes.

Therefore, presenting them as the most comfortable space has never been this important. The simple trick described will also help with home staging as well.

6.) Dining Islands

Who doesn’t want to be cooking while at the same time socializing? Island and breakfast bars offer an additional spot for dining and kitchen preparations, as well as storage space. In this type of design, there is an extension of the kitchen that features a countertop and storage space.

For some, it is the ideal breakfast area.

7.) Quartz & Quartzite Countertops

Quartz is the top trending choice for countertops today. Despite being popularized in past designs, engineered quartz is also on the trending list.

A benefit of these two materials is that manufacturers use natural materials in their production.

This material can make your countertop pop. Quartz and Quartzite create an ambiance of sophistication that cannot be compared to standard kitchen granites. Consider these when thinking about your next kitchen design. 

You can also spice up things in your kitchen by adding favorite pieces of art, live plants, and statement décor pieces. This will spring your kitchen back to life and make the time spent there happy moments worth cherishing.

Every day we see new and better designs for our kitchens. Moreover, the coming of the pandemic and shift in the normal order saw a lot of changes being introduced in our home spaces.

The situation forced us to remain in our homes, making us spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Thus, appearance is one of the factors put into consideration during the design process.


The trends in cabinetry, kitchen appliances, sinks, and backsplashes are revolutionizing the kitchen game.

Despite all these new trends being suitable for nearly any type of kitchen, consider consulting with a professional designer if you plan to do a large design change.

Professional expertise can help when navigating tough design decisions during the planning phase. Moreover, you will have an objective view of what is achievable and what is not based on various factors.