6 Key Factors That Make Home Renovation Reliable


Home renovations are one of the best ventures explored by homeowners, helping them realize their dream of living in a house they have always desired.

The best feeling is being able to design and renew your house on your own, without having the need to intensely clean your house, or buy a new one. It is totally natural to get bored of the same paint color of your bedroom, or the warped flooring of your living room.

You might want to renovate your old kitchen or renovate the bathroom with stained tiles and discolored plumbing fixtures. Experts believe surrounding yourself with the things that are pleasant to the sight, have health impacts on the mind.

It reduces the levels of stress hormones. Therefore, if every now and then you think about home renovation, you shouldn’t feel guilty. It is in the very nature of human beings to desire perfection.

Remodeling your house isn’t only to change the appearance of your surroundings but also to make it convenient for day-to-day activities.

It is also a very reliable way of adding to the value of your house.

Considerations When Renovating a House

Top Factors to Put in Mind for a Reliable Home Renovation

If you have decided to work on your house, then we have come with hacks to help you get it done immaculately.

Careful budgeting

Before you daydream about a luxury bathroom or a beautifully designed kitchen make sure you have the money in your pocket.

Research about the prices of every product and service you will be hiring; compare the prices of new furniture and appliances you will be upgrading.

It is imperative that you keep a small amount of your money for hidden expenses, and services that might have skipped your mind during the budgeting.

It is also very important that you compare the prices offered by various contractors, or else you will be ripped off.

Detailed planning

Preplanning before you start any project is very important. Not even a lion gets out of his den to hunt for prey without pre-planning.

It would be an utter waste of money to not make a rough sketch of everything prior to the work being started – from your budget to the design you desire, from the cabinets of your kitchen to how you plan to make it spacious.

Discuss the plan with the contractor you hire. This will help them make an estimate. You might write down the details from the minor to the major, or just give them a pictorial idea to help them to realize your plan.

Sharing your idea with the right professionals will help them review it and decide whether it is feasible or not.

Besides the design and theme, your plan should also include the types of material you want to be used. For instance, whether you desire your floors to be covered with natural stone flooring or hardwood flooring. You prefer your walls to be covered with wallpaper or paint, the fixture you will want to use, mention everything in great detail.

You might also prefer eco-friendly roofing options for your house.

Pen down everything in the form of a contract, your services, the contractor’s prices, and the decided time. This is to make things solid and for your own good. So, in the future, if the contractor under any circumstance tries to deviate from the decided plan, then you have written proof to prove your word.

Choosing a contractor carefully

One of the most important things to do is research the service provider you are about to hire. It is this factor that decides if your project will be a success or a life lesson. See if they have a:

  • License:

Licenses are the most important certificates that help customers identify qualified service providers. Sketchy companies are mostly non-licensed.

  • Insurance:

You certainly wouldn’t want to pay for the hospital bills of a worker, who encountered a mishap during your home renovation. Therefore, hire contractors who are professional enough to know the value an insurance company adds to the reliability of a company.

  • Upfront Prices:

Upfront pricing is the professional attitude of all reliable home remodeling contractors. Those with ambiguous pricing policies are sketchy and one has to be careful of them.

  • Warranted Services:

Last but not least is the warranted services offered by home renovation contractors. Renovation services are uncertain and things can go wrong after the completion of the work.

You might need to hire the contractor for the same services again for a mistake committed by them, so repaying will be unfair to you and unfriendly to the pocket.

  • Pull The Permits

When doing any kind of remodeling work make sure the contractor pulls all of the necessary building permits.

Without taking this essential step it is possible there could be building code violations. When it comes time to sell your home, you’ll be dealing with an unwanted headache.

Realistic programming of work

 Another very important factor to keep in mind is the time period required for the work to be completed. Be completely realistic.

Home renovation is time-consuming and one can’t expect it to get done within a few days. It is good for the service providers to take their time, and faster services can sometimes mean poor quality of work delivered. So, abstain from pushing the workers to be quick, or else your work quality will suffer.

Regular communication

It is very important that you are in contact with your contractor, so you have surveillance of your home remodeling.

You can visit the site once a week to check on the progress of the work, but don’t visit every other day, because your regular visits can cause delays, which is for your own bad.

Sometimes the contractor himself would want you to pay them a visit to discuss an important issue relating to your house.


Fruit of patience is never bitter. You always get good results after being patient. The more you wait, the better services will be delivered, because skilled professionals know at what pace to work to get things installed and repaired in the most efficient way.

5 other factors to consider

Consider these factors before hiring a reliable home renovation contractor.


It is very important that you talk about the time period of the service being provided. Patience is certainly important, but delays can be very heavy on the pocket and inconvenient for you. So, make sure the contractor abides by the decided time in the contract.


What the general people remark about a contractor says a lot about their proficiency. The better-reviewed ones will offer good workmanship.

It certainly doesn’t imply checking for reviews on their own websites, which could be manipulated. Rather, look for reputable websites that post authentic reviews of genuine past customers of any service provider.

You can even ask your friends about their experience with a reliable home remodeling contractor.


It is very important that you are able to easily talk to the contractor throughout the project. The ease with which you can access a service provider determines its efficiency.


It is very important that who you are hiring offers quality service, which can most of the time be determined by their experience. The foremost quality of a top-notch contractor is their experience. Long years of experience bring expertise and skills.

The longer a contractor has served the people, the greater the chances that quality service will be provided to you.


See if they prioritize customer service. A home renovation contractor should listen, value their customer’s desire and strive to realize it.

Final Thoughts

Doing a home renovation can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. It is essential to keep on top of the work being performed. It is when you don’t pay attention that problems often occur.

Put your best foot forward and you’ll have a dramatically improved place to call home.

About the author: The above article on home renovations was written by Rohma Charlotte. Rohma is a senior content writer who enjoys writing about real estate and home improvement projects.